muroard(1) minimalist sound server for the RoarAudio protocol


muroard [OPTIONS]...


muRoarD is a sound server supporting the RoarAudio protocol. It is designed to mix the audio data of multiple applications together to send it as a single stream to the soundcard.

muRoarD is a minimalist version of such a sound server. It does only implement the very minimum part the the protocol but is very much smaller than the original roard.


-h --help
Print a short help and exit.

Print version information of the daemon and exit.

Bring the server into background after init.

On win32 this hides the console window. This only works if used within a Shortcut.

Start in autostandby mode.

Do not start in autostandby mode.

Start in standby mode.

Do not start in standby mode.


-R --rate RATE
Set server sample rate.

-C --chans CHANNELS
Set server number of channels channels.


-O --odevice DEV
Set output device (sound card). The possible values of this depend on the used driver.


Set the file or device for the new source.

Sets the number of channels for the source. This is the same as '-sO channels=XXX' for roard.

Sets the number of bits for the source. This is the same as '-sO bits=XXX' for roard.

Sets codec for the source. This is the same as '-sO codec=XXX' for roard.

Sets direction of the source: in (source) or out (dump).


Disable listen socket. This may be used for example to implement the server type '+fork' but is absolutly useless for normal users.

--client-fh FH
Add a client via FH. See --no-listen.

--bind ADDR
Set path/hostname of listen socket. This may be a /path/to/sock for UNIX Sockets or a hostname or address for TCP/IP.

Please do not use IP Addresses directly if not needed. Use hostnames.

On win32 there is no support for UNIX sockets. Only IP is supported.

--port PORT
Set port of listen socket. This only applys for TCP/IP sockets and is ignorged for UNIX Sockets.

-u --unix
Use UNIX Domain listen socket.

This is not supported on win32.

-t --tcp
Use TCP/IP listen socket.

-n --decnet
Use DECnet listen socket.


The first offical version of muRoarD (0.1beta0) was released on Wed Mar 03 2010 24:26 CET. For more information please see the file ChangeLog.