muscleTool(1) Program to manage and personalize your MuscleCard smartcards


muscleTool [-d]


Enables libmusclecard debugging.


This manual page documents briefly the muscleTool command.

This manual page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

muscletools is a program that manage and personalize your MuscleCard smart cards.

Supported commands are:

- Object related functions

create [id] [size] Create an object
delete [id] Delete an object
write [file] [id] Write from file to object
read [id] [file] Read from object to file
move [id] [newid] Rename an object
changeacl [id] Change the ACL of an object
list List objects on token

- PIN related functions

verify [pinnumber] Verify a PIN
makepin [number] [value] [unblkvalue] Create a PIN
changepin [pinnumber] [oldvalue] [newvalue] Change a PIN
unblock [pinnumber] Unblock a PIN
deleteid [IDnumber] Delete an ID
listpins List the PINs

- Key related functions

listkeys List the keys
exportkey [keynumber] [file] Export a key
importkey [pinnumber] [file] Import a key
genkeys [algorithm] [keysize] Generate keys
deletekey [keynumber] Delete a key
movekey [keynumber] [newkeynumber] Renumbers a key
changekeyacl [keynumber] Change the ACL of a key
filecrypt [keynum] [infile] [outfile] Perform a cipher operation on infile and stores result in outfile
crypt [keynum] Perform a cipher operation on user supplied string

- General functions

format [tokennumber] Format the token
tokens Lists tokens available
connect [tokennumber] Connect to a token
resume Get the token's capabilities
 crypt     - Lists available crypto algorithms
 rsa       - Lists RSA capabilities
 dsa       - Lists DSA capabilities
 des       - Lists DES capabilities
 3des      - Lists 3DES capabilities
 aes       - Lists AES capabilities
 ec        - Lists EC capabilities
 keys      - Lists Key capabilities
 pins      - Lists PIN capabilities
 objects   - Lists Object capabilities
release Release a token
status Gets the token's status
challenge Gets a random number
logout Logs out AUT
version Print the version
exit Exits this program


This manual page was written by Ludovic Rousseau <[email protected]>, and updated by Karsten Ohme <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).