nagzillac(1) jabber relay bot client


nagzillac type^JID^message


This manual page documents briefly the nagzillac command.

nagzillac is the client for nagzilla that takes the data you hand it as argument and sends it over to the nagzilla daemon that will send the message along.


nagzillac only takes one options that consists of three arguments. They are seperated by the carret character(`^'), although the last argument may contain carrets without any troubles. Here is an explenation of the different parts:
This is the type of the message. It can be either room (which will send the message to a jabber conference room) or chat (target should be a jabber ID).
This is the target for the message. If you choose room type it has to be a conference room name or complete ID. A single room without any @ in it will get sent to the configured conference server. If you choose the chat type the JID has to be the jabber ID of the user to receive the message, either just the user part which will get added the jabber server as domain part, or a full jabber ID.
The final part is the message that will get sent. At the moment it will be put into the body as plain text. Please notice that you will have to quote or escape special characters in the message like white space.


The configuration file for the nagzilla client. Please see the comments in the file for informations on what to tweak.


The following sends a chat message to the rhonda user on the default server:

nagzillac "chat^rhonda^hi there"

This will send a message to a conference room on a different server:

nagzillac "room^[email protected]^alert - do something"


nagzillac was written by Bill Mathews.

This manual page was written by Rhonda D'Vine <[email protected]> for the Debian project (and may be used by others).