NAnt(1) .NET build tool similar to Ant


nant [OPTIONS] <target> ...


NAnt is a .Net build tool similar to Ant. The build environment is configured using an XML file and extended using .Net classes rather than executing separate shell-based commands. Each task is run by an object that implements a particular Task interface.


The following are the most common options
Specifies the framework to target
Specifies the framework to target (Short format: /k)
Use given buildfile (Short format: /f)
Use value for given property
A file ending in .build will be used if no buildfile is specified.
Insert command-line settings from a text file.


Displays debug information during build process
Produce logging information without adornments
Load NAnt extensions from the specified assembly
Search parent directories for build file
Prints a help message summarising the options.
Indentation level of build output
Use value as name of log output file
Add an instance of class as a project listener
Use given type as logger
Suppresses display of the logo banner
Prints project help information
Displays only error or warning messages during build process
Displays more information during build process