naturalselection21(1) keep cache directories below a specified threshold


naturalselection21 [,options/] ,cacheDirectory/


Cache directory manager. Deletes cache entries based on accesstime and free space thresholds. This utility is distributed alongside SabreDAV.


show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
Don't actually make changes, but just simulate the behaviour
-r RUNS, --runs=,RUNS/
How many times to check before exiting. -1 is infinite, which is the default
-n SLEEP, --interval=,SLEEP/
Sleep time in seconds (default = 5)
-l THRESHOLD, --threshold=,THRESHOLD/
Threshold in bytes (default = 10737418240, which is 10GB)
-m MIN_ERASE, --min-erase=,MIN_ERASE/
Minimum number of bytes to erase when the threshold is reached. Setting this option higher will reduce the number of times the cache directory will need to be scanned. (the default is 1073741824, which is 1GB.)