ncg(1) extract constants from TinyOS files


ncg [any ncc option] [tool-specific options]
    [-o output-file]
    tool nesC-file filenames-or-constant-names...


nescc-ncg is a tool to extract constants from TinyOS files for use with other applications. It is typically used in conjunction with mig (which generates code to process TinyOS messages) to extract constants that are used in particular messages (e.g., constants representing various commands).

ncg options is equivalent to nescc-ncg -nescc=ncc options. For details on ncg's output and options, please read see the nescc-ncg man page.


    APPDIR=`ncc -print-tosdir`/lib/FS<br>
    ncg -I%T/lib/FS -java-classname=net.tinyos.matchbox.FS \
      java $APPDIR/ Matchbox.h Remote.h