nd-autoinstall(1) install (if necessary) and run an application


nd-autoinstall [,options/] ,COMMAND /[,command_options/]


Runs the COMMAND if it is available, otherwise installs PACKAGE first, and then runs the command. If an environment file is specified, it gets sourced first (PACKAGE gets installed if environment file is not available).


-p, --package=,PACKAGE/
Name of the package to be installed if named differently than COMMAND.
-e, --environment-file=,FILE/
File to be sourced before invocation of the COMMAND.
If not found,
PACKAGE gets installed first.
-f, --force
Skip all checks and install package(s) provided via --package.
-F, --file=,FILE/
If specified file is not present, install the PACKAGE and run the COMMAND.
-v, --verbose
Enable additional progress messages.
-t, --title
Optinal title of the installation dialog.
-h, --help
Print short description, usage summary and option list.
Print version information and exit.

Exit status:

exit status of the COMMAND -
if COMMAND is available (or got sucesfully installed)
2 - incorrect invocation of nd-autoinstall 3 - PACKAGE installation failure


Written by Yaroslav Halchenko for the NeuroDebian project.


Copyright © 2010 Yaroslav Halchenko <[email protected]>

Licensed under GNU Public License version 3 or later.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.