nef-<num>d.x(1) compute Hodge numbers of nef-partitions

Other Alias



nef.x <Options>


The nef-<num>d.x variant programs, where <num> is one of 4, 5, 6 and 11 work in different dimensions ; nef.x defaults to dimension 6.


prints this information
-f or -
use as filter; otherwise parameters denote I/O files
input is in N-lattice (default is M)
gives full list of Hodge numbers
prints L vector of Vertices (in N-lattice)
prints L vector of Points (in N-lattice)
prints only partitions, no Hodge numbers
calculates also direct products
calculates also projections
full time info
codimension (default = 2)
fibrations up to codim (default = 2)
prints poly/CWS in M lattice if it has nef-partitions
information about #points calculated in S-Poly
checks Serre-duality
don't remove symmetric nef-partitions
prints polytope only if it has nef-partitions
prints vertices and #points of input polytope in one line; with -u, -l the output is limited by #points:
... upper limit of #points (default = POINT_Nmax)
... lower limit of #points (default = 0)
starts with [d w1 w2 ... wk d=d_1 d_2 (Minkowski sum)
prints vertices of input if not reflexive
prints vertices of N-lattice polytope
only direct products (up to lattice Quotient)
prints points of Gorenstein polytope in N-lattice
prints points of Gorenstein polytope in M-lattice
if NUMBER = 0 ... no
0/1 info
if NUMBER = 1 ... no redundant
0/1 info (=default)
if NUMBER = 2 ... full
0/1 info
Gorenstein cone: input <-> support polytope