NetApp::Snapshot(3) OO class for creating and managing snapshots


use NetApp::Filer;
use NetApp::Snapshot;
my $filer = NetApp::Filer->new( .... );


This class encapsulates a single NetApp snapshot, and provides methods for querying information about the snapshot, as well as methods for managing it.



Returns the NetApp::Aggregate or NetApp::Volume object for the aggregate or volume for which object is a snapshot.


Returns a string representing the name of the snapshot.


Returns the date the snapshot was created.


Returns the percentage of space used by snapshot.


Returns the percentage of total space used by the snapshot.


Returns an array of NetApp::Snapshot:Delta objects, each representing a single delta for this snapshot.


Returns the amount of reclaimable space, if the snapshot is deleted. Note that experimentally, this command has a lot of failure scenarios, most of which are reasonable (there are a lot of cases where you can't query this data). Therefore, unlike most of the methods in this API, it doesn't raise a fatal exception if it can't query the information, it simply generates warnings.

rename( $newname )

Renames the snapshot to the specified name.

restore( %args )

This method is an interface to the ``snap restore'' command. The argument syntax is:

        type            => 'vol' | 'file', # Defaults to vol
        from_path       => $from_path,
        to_path         => $to_path,

The 'type' argument maps to the -t CLI argument, and the 'to_path' argument maps to the -r CLI argument. Refer to the na_snap(1) man page, and the ``snap restore'' documentation for further information.