Net::DBus::Binding::Value(3) Strongly typed data value


# Import the convenience functions
use Net::DBus qw(:typing);
# Call a method with passing an int32


This module provides a simple wrapper around a raw Perl value, associating an explicit DBus type with the value. This is used in cases where a client is communicating with a server which does not provide introspection data, but for which the basic data types are not sufficient. This class should not be used directly, rather the convenience functions in Net::DBus be called.


my $value = Net::DBus::Binding::Value->new($type, $value);
Creates a wrapper for the perl value $value marking it as having the dbus data type $type. It is not necessary to call this method directly, instead the data typing methods in the Net::DBus object should be used.
my $raw = $value->value
Returns the raw perl value wrapped by this object
my $type = $value->type
Returns the dbus data type this value is marked as having


Daniel P. Berrange


Copyright (C) 2004-2011 Daniel P. Berrange