Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::TrustAnchor(3) base class for TA repositories


This is a base class for multiple types of trustanchor repositories that know how to read, write, and modify trust anchor repositories.

This package serves as both a API wrapper around a set of trust anchors as well as a base class for packages that need to read/write trust anchor sets into different formats.

Trust Anchors may be either DNSKEY records or DS references.

XXX: more documentation needed


Usage API defined by this module or sub-modules.

Note that:

  use Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::TrustAnchor;

is assumed to have imported some of the API routines mentioned below.

$tar = new Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::TrustAnchor();
Initializes a new collection of trust anchors.
$module = load_module("type");
Dynamically attemps to load a TrustAnchor reader/writer sub-class of Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::TrustAnchor named ``Type'' and return an instance of it.

All sub-classes are assumed to contain a single letter upper-case class name followed by all lower case. Any modules otherwise named will fail to load using this routine.

$module = parse_component("type:file");
This parses a type and file specification consisting of type separated by a colon (':') followed by a file-name path. It will then load the type module using the load_module() rotine and return the type, the file and extra options.

XXX: option parsing support not yet complete and will likely change the type:file format specification; I.E. the type:file formatting specification will likely change in the future and should be considered alpha-level support.

$tar = $module->read($location, $options);
Reads in a given TAR from a $location reference and returns a blessed copy of the Net::DNS::SEC::Tools::TrustAnchor object containing all the data.

This function may be over-ridden by a sub-class.

$tar = $module->read($location, $options);
Reads in a given TAR from a $location reference and returns an unblessed hash the contents. The read() function merely wraps around this and blesses it after being returned.

Sub-modules must over-ride this function (and/or the read() function) if they expect the module to support loading.

Merges the @other array of trust anchors into the $tar object's own trust anchor list.


Wes Hardaker <hardaker ATTA users.sourceforge DOTTTY net>