Net::IRC::Connection(3) Object-oriented interface to a single IRC connection


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This documentation is a subset of the main Net::IRC documentation. If you haven't already, please ``perldoc Net::IRC'' before continuing.

Net::IRC::Connection defines a class whose instances are individual connections to a single IRC server. Several Net::IRC::Connection objects may be handled simultaneously by one Net::IRC object.


This section is under construction, but hopefully will be finally written up by the next release. Please see the "irctest" script and the source for details about this module.


Conceived and initially developed by Greg Bacon <[email protected]> and Dennis Taylor <[email protected]>.

Ideas and large amounts of code donated by Nat ``King'' Torkington <[email protected]>.

Currently being hacked on, hacked up, and worked over by the members of the Net::IRC developers mailing list. For details, see .


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