Net::OpenID::Yadis::Service(3) Class representing an XRDS Service element


version 1.20


use Net::OpenID::Yadis;
my $disc = Net::OpenID::Yadis->new();
my @xrd = $disc->discover("") or Carp::croak($disc->err);
foreach my $srv (@xrd) { # Loop for Each Service in Yadis Resourse Descriptor
print $srv->priority; # Service priority (sorted)
print $srv->Type; # Identifier of some version of some service (scalar, array or array ref)
print $srv->URI; # URI that resolves to a resource providing the service (scalar, array or array ref)
print $srv->extra_field("Delegate","");
# Extra field of some service


After Net::OpenID::Yadis performs discovery, the result is a list of instances of this class.


The priority value for the service.
The URI representing the kind of service provided at the endpoint for this record.
The URI of the service endpoint.
$srv->extra_field( $fieldname , $namespace )
Fetch the value of extension fields not provided directly by this class.

If $namespace is not specified, the default is the namespace whose name is the empty string.


See Net::OpenID::Yadis for author, copyright and licensing information.