Net::OpenSSH::ShellQuoter::MSCmd(3) Quoter for Windows cmd.exe


This quoter is intended for interaction with SSH servers running on Windows which invoke the requested commands through the "cmd.exe" shell.

Because of "cmd.exe" not doing wildcard expansion (on Windows this task is left to the final command), glob quoting just quotes everything.

Some Windows servers use "Win32::CreateProcess" to run the "cmd.exe" shell which runs the requested command. In that case, both the "MSCmd" and "MSWin" quoters have to be chained (and BTW, order matters):

   $ssh = Net::OpenSSH->new(...,
                            remote_shell => 'MSCmd,MSWin');

Actually, "cmd.exe" may require not quoting at all when the requested command is a builtin (for instance, "echo").


Copyright (C) 2008-2014 by Salvador FandiƱo ([email protected])

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