NetSDS::Logger(3) syslog wrapper for applications and classes


use NetSDS::Logger;
my $logger = NetSDS::Logger->new(
name => 'NetSDS-SuperDaemon',
$logger->log("info", "Syslog message here");


This module contains implementation of logging functionality for NetSDS components.

By default, messages are logged with "local0" facility and "pid,ndelay,nowait" options.

NOTE: "NetSDS::Logger" module is for internal use mostly from application frameworks like "NetSDS::App", "NetSDS::App::FCGI", etc.


new(%parameters) - constructor
Constructor new() creates new logger object and opens socket with default NetSDS logging parameters.

Arguments allowed (as hash):

name - application name for identification

        Use only ASCII characters in "name" to avoid possible errors.
        Default value is "NetSDS".

facility - logging facility

        Available facility values:
                * local0..local7
                * user
                * daemon
        If not set 'local0' is used as default value
log($level, $message) - write record to log
Wrapper to "syslog()" method of Unix::Syslog module.

Level is passed as string and may be one of the following:

        alert   - LOG_ALERT
        crit    - LOG_CRIT
        debug   - LOG_DEBUG
        emerg   - LOG_EMERG
        error   - LOG_ERR
        info    - LOG_INFO
        notice  - LOG_NOTICE
        warning - LOG_WARNING
DESTROY - class destructor
Destructor (DESTROY method) calls "closelog()" function. That's all.


See NetSDS::App for example.


1. Implement logging via UDP socket.


Michael Bochkaryov <[email protected]>


Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Net Style Ltd.

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