NetSDS::Util(3) supplementary NetSDS packages


use NetSDS::Util::Convert;
use NetSDS::Util::String;
my $trim_str = str_trim(" Some string with leading and trailing ");


"NetSDS::Util" modules contains functions useful for everyday tasks.
NetSDS::Util::Convert - data format conversions
NetSDS::Util::DateTime - processing date and time
NetSDS::Util::File - work with files and catalogs
NetSDS::Util::Spreadsheet - processing spreadsheet files
NetSDS::Util::Misc - miscelaneous routines
NetSDS::Util::String - text and binary strings processing
NetSDS::Util::Struct - data structures conversion
NetSDS::Util::Translit - transliteration
NetSDS::Util::Types - work with data types


Unknown yet


Implement functional tests.


Valentyn Solomko <[email protected]>

Michael Bochkaryov <[email protected]>

Yana Kornienko <[email protected]>


Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Michael Bochkaryov

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