netserver(1) a network performance benchmark server


netserver [-4] [-6] [-d] [-h] [-L name,family] [-p portnum] [-v verbosity] [-V]


Netserver listens for connections from a netperf benchmark, and responds accordingly. It can either be run from inetd or as a standalone daemon (with the -p flag). If run from inetd the -p option should not be used.


Use AF_INET (aka IPv4) addressing for the control and possibly data connections.
Use AF_INET6 (aka IPv6) addressing for the control and possibly data connections.
Increase the quantity of debugging output displayed during a test (possibly at the expense of performance).
Display a usage string, and exit.
-L name,family
Set the local name and/or address family for the socket used for the control connection.
-p portnum
Listen on the specified port. This is used when running as a standalone daemon.
-v verbosity
Set the verbosity level for the test.
Display the netperf version and exit.


No known bugs at this time. If you think you have found a bug, please report it to either [email protected] or [email protected].


HP Information Networks Division - Networking Performance Team.
Rick Jones     <[email protected]>

Karen Choy     HP IND

Dave Shield    <[email protected]>   (man pages)

Others too numerous to mention here - see the AUTHORS file