Net::Trac::TicketSearch(3) A ticket search (custom query) in Trac


my $search = Net::Trac::TicketSearch->new( connection => $trac );

owner => 'hiro',
status => { 'not' => [qw(new reopened)] },
summary => { 'contains' => 'yatta!' },
reporter => [qw( [email protected] [email protected] )]

print $_->id, "\n" for @{$search->results};


This class allows you to run ticket searches on a remote Trac instance.



limit [NUMBER]

Get/set the maximum number of results to fetch. Default is 500. This may also be limited by the Trac instance itself.


Returns an arrayref of Net::Trac::Tickets for the current query.


Returns the relative URL for the current query (note the format will be CSV).



Performs a ticket search with the given search conditions. Specify a hash of "column =" value> pairs for which to search. Values may be a simple scalar, a hashref, or an arrayref. Specifying a hashref allows you to select a different operator for comparison (see below for a list). An arrayref allows multiple values to be or'd for the same column. Unfortunately Trac has no way of anding multiple values for the same column.

Valid operators are "is" (default), "not", "contains", "lacks", "startswith", and "endswith".

Returns undef on error and the results otherwise.


Copyright 2008-2009 Best Practical Solutions.

This package is licensed under the same terms as Perl 5.8.8.