nfs4_getfacl(1) get NFSv4 file/directory access control lists


nfs4_getfacl [-H] file


nfs4_getfacl will display the NFSv4 Access Control List (ACL) for file (a file or directory), provided file is on a mounted NFSv4 filesystem which supports ACLs.

If the -H/--more-help flag is specified, nfs4_getfacl will print some information about NFSv4 ACLs and the fields used in ACEs.

The output format for an NFSv4 file ACL, e.g., is:

A::[email protected]:rwatTnNcCy
A::[email protected]:rxtncy
A::[email protected]:rwadtTnNcCy
A:g:[email protected]:rtncy
D:g:[email protected]:waxTC
A::[email protected]:rtncy
D::[email protected]:waxTC

In the example output above, the user `[email protected]' has the equivalent of "read" and "execute" permissions, `[email protected]' has "read" and "write", and both `[email protected]' and `[email protected]' have "read".

Refer to the nfs4_acl(5) manpage for detailed information about NFSv4 ACL terminology and syntax.


nfs4_getfacl was written by people at CITI, the Center for Information Technology Integration ( This manpage was written by David Richter.


Please send bug reports, feature requests, and comments to <[email protected]>.