ngorca(1) Password recovery tool for Oracle databases


ngorca [ -f hashfile ] [ OPTIONS ]


ngorca is a multithreaded password recovery tool using exhaustive key search for Oracle versions 7-11g Rel.2. Due to the weak hashing algorithm and constantly improving hardware performance, passwords can be found in minutes, depending on their length.


-f hashfile
To use ngorca a list of usernames and hashes is required, which has the format username:hash. The username has a maxiumum length of 64 characters and the hash is always a 16 byte hex value. If the 11g algorithm is used a 40 byte SHA1 plus 20 bytes salt must be added. The hash values are calculated one after another. Example of hash file entry with old DES hash and SHA1 hash: NETGARAGE:5D7F5FD88AE4C07F:EAC3EAC57FF0635AB298EB40CBDA1BB45DFC1B7F20464AA591C1613A2CB8
-l password length
The length of the password. If this option is not set, passwords with the length of 5-8 bytes are calculated.
-c charset
The charset of the password. 1 for numeric, 2 for alpha, 3 for alpha numeric and 4 for alpha numeric with special characters. The default is alpha numeric.
-t thread number
The number of threads which should be used. It is recommended to take the number of cpu's which you want to involve in the calculation for the best result. Per default one thread is used.
-o logfile
A logfile could be specified. It contains the passwords which are found and some info messages. The default logfile name is ngorca.log placed in the directory the binary runs in.
-v verbose level
Loglevel for the logfile and standard output 1-4 with 4 as the highest level which contains percent printouts. The default loglevel is 1.


ngorca -f hashlist -c3 -l6 -t2 -v4


For bugreporting write a mail to [email protected] or use the issues tracker on the project hosting site


ngorca is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


Dennis Krzyzaniak <[email protected]>