nicec(1) compiler for the Nice programming language


nicec [options] package


--sourcepath PATH
Search path for source packages PATH is a list of directories and .jar archives
--encoding CHARSET
Character set encoding to be used for .nice source files
-d, --destination DIR
Destination directory for compiled packages
--classpath PATH
Search path for compiled packages and libraries PATH is a list of directories and .jar archives
-a, --jar FILE
Compile to archive You can then run the program with 'java -jar FILE'
-o, --output FILE
Generate native executable
-r, --recompile
Force recompilation of package
-R, --recompile-all
Force recompilation of all dependant packages
-c, --compile
Compile packages but do not link them
--native-compiler FILE
Location of the native compiler binary (gcj)
Tell nicec that it is called by an editor.
Print man page to stdout
Print version info and exit
Print usage information and exit
Print memory usage information after compilation
Print time usage information after compilation


Daniel Bonniot <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>