NiceShaper(8) Dynamic Traffic Shaper


niceshaper {start|stop|restart|status|show} [options]

niceshaper start|restart [--confdir /path] [--conffile path] [--classfile path] [--no-daemon]
niceshaper stop
niceshaper status|show [--remote ip[:port] --password password]
niceshaper status [--unit unit] [--watch 1-60]
niceshaper show --running {config|classes}


NiceShaper is a program working in a Linux router environment. It uses a proven HTB QOS algorithm. It provides dynamic traffic shaping which is more effective than traditional, static shaping. By constantly monitoring packets flowing through the router in response to changing load dynamically adjusts the bandwidth of acting classes to a level enabling the fullest possible usage of a internet access. At the same time does not allow for creation of congestion, ensuring complete convenience of interactive services.

NiceShaper protects each class which use reasonable amount of bandwidth and takes care of overall download when upload is close to stop up.


It's possible to create an quite effective configuration using the example files included in the /etc/niceshaper directory.

The documentation, for more complex needs, is placed in the /usr/share/doc/niceshaper/html directory.

The following runtime options can be used:

--confdir /path
Overwrite configuration directory location.
--conffile path
Overwrite configuration file path.
--classfile path
Overwrite classes file path.
Don't move a process into the background.
--unit unit
Overwrite configured status unit.
--watch 1-60
Monitor status with given in seconds interval.
--running {config|classes}
Dump running configuration or classes.
--remote ip[:port]
Connect to remote NiceShaper (must be configured with status listen).
--password password
Connect to remote NiceShaper using password (must be configured with status password).


Mariusz Jedwabny <[email protected]>.


Report bugs to <[email protected]>.