nipy_3dto4d(1) Read 3D image files and write a 4D file


usage: nipy_3dto4d [-h] [--out-4d OUT_4D] [--check-affines CHECK_AFFINES]
in_filenames [in_filenames ...]

Read 3D image files and write a 4D file

positional arguments:

3D image filenames

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
--out-4d OUT_4D
4D output image name
--check-affines CHECK_AFFINES
False if you want to ignore differences in affines between the 3D images, True if you want to raise an error for significant differences (default is True)

nipy_3dto4d will take a series of 3D nifti images in any format readable by nibabel and concatenate them into a 4D image, and write the image with format guessed from the output image filename. You can set the filename with the ``--out-4d`` parameter, or we make a filename from the input names.