nitpic(1) a Microchip PIC simulator


nitpic is an X Window System-based simulator for the Microchip PIC series of microcontrollers. It currently supports the PIC16C84 only, but it should be trivial to add support for the rest of the PIC family, and pretty easy even for unrelated CPUs.


  • The 16C84 EEPROM data memory is not implemented.
  • Writing PCL doesn't cause a jump.
  • Interrupts, including RTCC rollover, don't work.
  • The "File" button doesn't let you load a new object file.
  • No warning on stack overflow.
  • The I/O ports aren't handled properly (there's something screwy about read/modify/write instructions that I don't understand yet).
  • I'm not sure the ADD and SUB instructions set C and DC properly.


  • Sometimes the instruction pointer gets screwed up (graphics only --- the simulator keeps working).


dave madden <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Colin Watson for Debian because the original program does not have a manual page. It is a simple translation of parts of nitpic's README into the manual page format; see that file for more information.