NMLC(1) A compiler from NML code to NFO and/or GRF files.


nmlc [options] [file]


Crop extraneous transparent blue from real sprites.
Save real sprites uncompressed to GRF files. This saves a lot of time during encoding but it's not recommended when creating a file for distribution since it makes the output file substantially bigger.
--grf = file
Write output in GRF format to <file>.
--nfo = file
Write output in NFO format to <file>.
--nml = file
Write output in NML format to <file>.
--output = file | -o file
Write output to <file>. The output type is detected from the extension of the filename. It must be one of nfo, nml or grf.
--md5 = file
Write an md5sum of the resulting grf to <file>.
--debug | -d
Print a dump of the AST to stdout.
Print programme's version number and exit.
--help | -h
Print usage information.
--stack | -s
Dump stack when an error occurs.
Output a rule suitable for make describing the graphics dependencies of the main grf file (requires input file or --grf)
--MF = file
When used with -M, specifies a file to write the dependencies to
--MT = file
Target of the rule emitted by dependency generation (requires -M)
--custom-tags = file | -t file
Load custom tags from <file> [default: custom_tags.txt].
--lang-dir = dir | -l dir
Load language files from directory <dir> [default: lang].
--default-lang = file
The default language is stored in <file> [default: english.lng].
--sprites-dir = dir | -a dir
Store 32bpp sprites in directory <dir> [default: sprites].
--start-sprite = num
Set the first sprite number to write (do not use except when you output nfo that you want to include in other files).
--palette = palette | -p palette
Force nml to use the palette <pal> [default: ANY]. Valid values are 'DOS', 'WIN', 'ANY'.
Disable all warnings. Errors will be printed normally.
--cache-dir = dir
Cache files are stored in directory <dir> [default: .nmlcache].
Remove unused / orphaned items from cache files.
--verbosity = level
Set the verbosity level for informational output [default: 3, max: 4].


NML was written by Albert Hofkamp, Christoph Elsenhans, Jasper Reichardt, Ingo von Borstel, José Soler and Thijs Marinussen.

This manual page was originally written by Thijs Marinussen.