nmzmail(1) a tool to use the namazu2 search engine from within mutt


nmzmail [ -b <base> ] [ -r <result> ] -i <maildir1> <maildir2> ...


nmzmail [ -b <base> ] [ -r <result> ] [ -n <limit> ]


nmzmail is a program that uses the namazu2 search engine (http://www.namazu.org) from within the mail client mutt to search and index mail stored in maildir folders. Based on the result of the namazu query, nmzmail generates a maildir folder containing symbolic links to the mail matching the query. A simple mutt macro makes it very easy to use nmzmail from within mutt, and a simple crontab entry always keeps your mail indexed by namazu.

Add the following macro to your muttrc file:

macro generic S "<shell-escape>nmzmail<return><esc>c~/.nmzmail/result<return>" "Search via nmzmail"

Run mutt and hit "S" and enter your query when prompted.

You can manually update your index periodically or via a cronjob with:

nmzmail -i <maildir1> <maildir2> ...


This tells nmzmail to index your email.
Base. Where nmzmail builds its index. By default it is in $HOME/.nmzmail.
Result. Similar to -b, this lets you specify where the results are to be built. By default it is within $HOME/.nmzmail.
-n NUM
Limit. When making a query, nmzmail can be used directly from the command line instead of from within mutt. When the -n option is invoked, the number of results returned from your query will be limited to whatever integer you specify for NUM.


nmzmail was written by Johannes Hofmann <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Kevin Coyner <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).