noroff(1) format woven troff documentation


noroff [ groff options ] files ...


Noroff formats documents that have been woven with noweave -troff. It passes on any options (flags) to groff(1), and treats any remaining non-option arguments as files to be processed. The groff options allow the easy invocation of the gpic, gtbl, and/or geqn, preprocessors.

If no options are supplied, it defaults to using the -mm macros, with PostScript output.


The shell script is probably still not as robust as it needs to be.


This man page is from noweb version 2.11b.


Norman Ramsey, Harvard University. Internet address [email protected].
Noweb home page at

Noroff was written by Phil Bewig for SoftQuad troff, and enhanced and ported to GNU troff by Aharon Robbins.