npm-ls(1) List installed packages


npm list [<pkg> ...]
npm ls [<pkg> ...]
npm la [<pkg> ...]
npm ll [<pkg> ...]


This command will print to stdout all the versions of packages that are installed, as well as their dependencies, in a tree-structure.

Positional arguments are [email protected] identifiers, which will limit the results to only the paths to the packages named. Note that nested packages will also show the paths to the specified packages. For example, running npm ls promzard in npm's source tree will show:

[email protected] /path/to/npm
|-- [email protected]
  |-- [email protected]

It will print out extraneous, missing, and invalid packages.

If a project specifies git urls for dependencies these are shown in parentheses after the [email protected] to make it easier for users to recognize potential forks of a project.

When run as ll or la, it shows extended information by default.



Default: false
Type: Boolean

Show information in JSON format.


Default: false
Type: Boolean

Show extended information.


Default: false
Type: Boolean

Show parseable output instead of tree view.


Default: false
Type: Boolean

List packages in the global install prefix instead of in the current project.


Type: Int

Max display depth of the dependency tree.