Ns_ConfigGetBool(3) Ns_ConfigGetPath,


#include "ns.h"

Ns_ConfigGetBool(char *section, char *key, int *valuePtr)

Ns_ConfigGetInt(char *section, char *key, int *valuePtr)

Ns_ConfigGetInt64(char *section, char *key, INT64 *valuePtr)

char *
Ns_ConfigGetPath(char *server, char *module, ...)

Ns_Set *
Ns_ConfigGetSection(char *section)

Ns_Set **

char *
Ns_ConfigGetValue(char *section, char *key)

char *
Ns_ConfigGetValueExact(char *section, char *key)


These functions allow you to extract information from the server config files.

Ns_ConfigGetBool(section, key, valuePtr)

Examines key in section and returns NS_TRUE for values 1, y, yes, on, t, or true, case insensitive, and sets valuePtr to 1. Returns NS_FALSE for values 0, n, no, off, f, false, case insensitive, and sets valuePtr to 0.

Ns_ConfigGetInt(section, key, valuePtr)

Examines key in section and attempts to convert to an integer value. On success, returns NS_TRUE, otherwise NS_FALSE. The value of the integer is placed into valuePtr.

Ns_ConfigGetInt64(section, key, valuePtr)

Like Ns_ConfigGetInt, but with INT64 data instead of system-native int types. This function isn't available on WIN32.

Ns_ConfigGetPath(server, module, ...)

Get the full name of a config file section if it exists. Returns a pointer to to an ASCIIZ string of the full path name, or NULL if that path is not in the config file. The server and/or module parameters may be NULL and must be followed a variable list of additional parameters, the last element of which must be NULL.

Ns_ConfigGetPath("server1", "nscp", NULL)
 returns "ns/server/server1/module/nscp"
Ns_ConfigGetPath("server1", "nscp", "users", NULL)
 returns "ns/server/server1/module/nscp/users"
Ns_ConfigGetPath(NULL, "globalmod", "subsect1", "subsect2", NULL)
 returns "ns/module/globalmod/subsect1/subsect2"


Returns an Ns_Set of the section's parameters, or NULL if the section does not exist.


Returns a pointer to an array of pointers to Ns_Sets, one for each config section. The result is a malloc'ed copy of the config sections.

Ns_ConfigGetValue(section, key)

Returns a pointer to the value of the key in section, or NULL if the key doesn't exist.

Ns_ConfigGetValueExact(section, key)

Case sensitive equivalent of Ns_ConfigGetValue.