numbound(1) Find boundary numbers in files or STDIN.


numbound [-dhlV] <FILE>

| numbound [-dhlV] (Input on STDIN from pipeline.)

numbound [-dhlV] (Input on STDIN. Use Ctrl-D to stop.)


numbound will find boundary numbers (minimum and maximum) in files or STDIN. By default it will find the upper bound in the set of numbers (the maximum number) in the files or on STDIN. You can use the -l option for finding the lower bound (minumum number).


    -l  -- Return the lower bound number in the set  (the minimum number)
    -h  Help: You're looking at it.
    -V  Increase verbosity.
    -d  Debug mode.  For developers


numbound currently will only gather the first number on each line instead of all the numbers on the lines.


numbound is part of the num-utils package, which is copyrighted by Suso Banderas and released under the GPL license. Please read the COPYING and LICENSE files that came with the num-utils package

  Developers can read the GOALS file and contact me about providing
submitions or help for the project.


More info on numbound can be found at: