numnormalize(1) Normalize a set of numbers. By default between 0 and 1.


numnormalize [-dhRV] <FILE>

| numnormalize [-dhRV] (Input on STDIN from pipeline.)

numnormalize [-dhRV] (Input on STDIN. Use Ctrl-D to stop.)


numnormalize will take a set of numbers on input and return that set as a normalized set of numbers between 0 and 1 by default. Or you can use the -R option to specify a different normalized range.


    -h  Help: You're looking at it.
    -V  Increase verbosity.
    -d  Debug mode.  For developers
    -R <range>   This allows you to specify a different normalized range instead of from 0 to 1.
               For example -R 0..5


numnormalize is part of the num-utils package, which is copyrighted by Suso Banderas and released under the GPL license. Please read the COPYING and LICENSE files that came with the num-utils package

  Developers can read the GOALS file and contact me about providing
submitions or help for the project.


More info on numnormalize can be found at: