numprocess(1) This program mutates numbers as it encounters them.


numprocess [-dhV] /<expression>/ [FILE or STDIN]

| numprocess [-dhV] /<expression>/ (Input on STDIN from pipeline.)

numprocess [-dhV] /<expression>/ (Input on STDIN. Use Ctrl-D to stop.)


numprocess will take as one argument, a list of operations to be performed on numbers that it encounters. It will perform those operations on each number and return the result in place of the original number.


  Add 1 to all numbers.
   $ numprocess /+1/ file1
  Convert all numbers from miles to kilometers.  Multiply by 8 and divide by 5.
   $ cat file1 | numprocess /*8,%5/
  Convert from celcius to fahreheit degrees.  Multiply by 9, divide by 5 and add 32.
   $ numprocess /*9,%5,+32/ temperatures
  Find the area of each circle from the given radius.
   $ numprocess /^2,*pi/ radii


   For operators, the modifying number goes directly after the operator, with
   the exception of functions like sqrt, sin, cos, etc.
   +     Addition
   -     Subtraction
   *     Multiplication
   %     Division
   ^     Power function
   sqrt  Square Root  (*)
   sin   Sine function
   cos   Cosine function
   Constants and keywords that can be used
    pi    3.141592654
    e     2.718281828
  (*) When using the sqrt operation on negative numbers, it will take the
     absolute value of the number, sqrt it and then tack an i on the end
     of the result to signify that the resulting number is imaginary.


    -h  Help: You're looking at it.
    -V  Increase verbosity.
    -d  Debug mode.  For developers


There is currently no way to take the number found in the text stream and use it as the numerator instead of the denominator of a division operation.


numprocess is part of the num-utils package, which is copyrighted by Suso Banderas and released under the GPL license. Please read the COPYING and LICENSE files that came with the num-utils package

  Developers can read the GOALS file and contact me about providing
submitions or help for the project.


More info on numprocess can be found at: