numsum(1) numsum program file


numsum [-iIcdhrsvxy] <FILE>

| numsum [-iIcdhrsvxy] (Input on STDIN from pipeline.)

numsum [-iIcdhrsvxy] (Input on STDIN. Use Ctrl-D to stop.)


numsum will take all the numbers on stdin and return the sum of those numbers. Currently it only processes the first number on each line. Besides positive numbers, it also handles negative numbers and numbers with decimals.


    -i  Only return the integer portion of the final sum.
    -I  Only return the decimal portion of the final sum.
    -c      Print out the sum of each column.
    -r      Print out the sum of each row.
    -x <n>  Specify a comma seperated list of columns to print.
    -y <n>  Specify a comma seperated list of rows to print.
    -s <string> Specify a string to use as a seperator for columns.
                This defaults to be consecutive whitespace (\s+).
    -h  Help: You're looking at it.
    -V  Increase verbosity.
    -d  Debug mode.  For developers
    -q  Quiet mode, don't print any warnings.


Simply add up the numbers in a file.
    $ numsum numbers.txt

Enter your own numbers on STDIN. The last number is the answer.
    $ numsum

Use it in a command pipeline.
    $ ls -1s | grep .mp3 | numsum -c -x 5

Add up the total byte count in a http log file.
    $ cat access_log | awk {'print $10'} numsum

    numsum -c -x 10 access_log

Add up the columns of numbers of a file.

    $ cat columns
    1 6 11 16 21
    2 7 12 17 22
    3 8 13 18 23
    4 9 14 19 24
    5 10 15 20 25
    $ numsum -c columns
    15 40 65 90 115

Add up the 1st, 2nd and 5th columns only.

    $ numsum -c -x 1,2,5 columns
    15 40 115

Add up the rows of numbers of a file.

     $ numsum -r columns

Add up the 2nd and 4th rows.

     $ numsum -r -y 2,4 columns


numsum is part of the num-utils package, which is copyrighted by Suso Banderas and released under the GPL license. Please read the COPYING and LICENSE files that came with the num-utils package

  Developers can read the GOALS file and contact me about providing
submitions or help for the project.


More info on numsum can be found at: