nxdir(1) inspect a NeXus file non interactively


nxdir filename [options]


nxdir allows to retrieve the structure and/or data of a NeXus file.


About NXdir
Print help information and exit.
Print version information and exit.

Node Selection

-p path
Path inside the file to look in. This can be absolute or relative and can be class or name of a given field. To anchor the path at the beginning or end place a "/" there. To specify that a level must exist, but the name or class can be anything, use a dot ".". To specify that any number of levels can exist, use a star "*".

Output Control

Print (or not) the value of selected nodes, if possible. Defaults to false (+o).
Change the number of elements that are printed for arrays. Forces "-o". (default: 10)
-t|--tree-mode value
Sets the formatting of the tree. Allowed values are: script, multi, tree. Default is script.
--path-mode value
Select whether paths are written with names or classes. Allowed values are: name, class, both. Default is name.
--data-mode value
How data is printed. Allowed value is script
--printline value
How data is printed with respect to tree. Allowed values is single
--write-data filename
Select a file to write out selected NXdata to.
--dump filename
Generate a binary dump of the selected node.


nxdir was originally written by P. F. Peterson <[email protected]>

This manual page was written by Tobias Richter <[email protected]> and may be used by others.