oarnodesetting(1) Change the state and properties of a node in OAR.


oarnodesetting [[-a] [-h hostname] [-p ``property=value'']] || [[-r resource_id] || [--sql ``sql syntax''] || [-h hostname]] [[-s state] || [-p ``property=value''] || [-m on|off]] || [-d on|off]


This command is used to Change the state and properties of a node in OAR.


-r, --resource [resource id]
Resource id of the resource to modify
-h, --hostname [hostname]
Hostname for the resources to modify
--sql [SQL]
Select resources to modify from database using a SQL where clause on the resource table (e.g.: ``type = 'default''')
-f, --file [file]
Get a hostname list from a file (1 hostname by line) for resources to modify
-a, --add
Add a new resource.
-s, --state STATE
Set the new state of the node. Possible states are: Alive, Absent and Dead.
-m, --maintenance [on|off]
Set/unset maintenance mode for resources, this is equivalent to setting its state to Absent and its available_upto to 0
-d, --drain [on|off]
Prevent new job to be scheduled on resources, this is equivalent to setting the drain property to YES
-p, --property ["property=value"]
Set the property of the node to the given value.
-n, --nowait
Do not wait for job ends when the node switches to Absent or Dead.
--last-property-value [property]
Get the last value used for a property (as sorted by SQL's ORDER BY DESC)


oarnodesetting -s Alive -h node012
oarnodesetting -s Absent -h node012


 Copyright 2003-2016 Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble (http://www.liglab.fr). This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2 or above. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.