obus-gen-interface(1) convert D-Bus introspection files to ocaml code


obus-gen-interface [ options ] input-file


obus-gen-interface generates an OCaml module from a D-Bus introspection file. The generated module contains methods, signals and properties definitions. It is required for by both client-side and server-side code.

Note that the files generated by obus-gen-interface are not meant to be edited.


-o output-prefix
Use this name as output prefix. It defaults to the input file name without its extension and extended with "_interfaces". For example, if the input file name is "foo.xml" (or "foo.obus"), then "obus-gen-interface" will generate "foo_interfaces.ml" and "foo_interfaces.mli".

Keeps common interfaces, i.e. all interfaces starting with "org.freedesktop.DBus". By default they are dropped.

-mode {both|client|server}
Set the code generation mode. It defaults to "both". In "client" mode, only code for client-side use is generated. In "server" mode, only code for server-side use is generated. In "both" mode, code for client-side and server-side use is generated.

-help or --help
Display a short usage summary and exit.


Jérémie Dimino <[email protected]>