oc-update(1) tool from openCaster suite


Usage: oc-update.sh object_carousel_directory association_tag module_version dsmcc_pid carousel_id [compress_mode] [padding_on] [clean_off] [DDB_size] [update_flag] [mount_frequency]         - carousel_directory: the directory to marshal in an object carousel
        - association_tag aka common tag, referenced by PMTs and AITs, every carousel has one
        - modules_version, all the modules will have the same version, you need to change this to notify to the box files are changed, goes from 0 to 15
        - pid, referenced by PMTs using this carousel
        - carousel_id, referenced by PMTs using this carousel, every carousel has its own, it is an alternative for association_tag, they have the same function
        - compress_mode, 0: don't compress, 1:compress all, 2:smart compress, file with .solo extension are set in an uncompressed module alone to allow use cases like quick image file update, default is 2
        - padding_on, every section is padded, was useful with some buggy decoder, waste bandwidth, default off, unsupported since OpenCaster 2.4.8
        - clean_off, don't delete temp file, default off, used for debug
        - DDB_size, Use custom size for DDB payload, default = max = 4066
        - sets the Update flag in the TransactionID of DSI and DII to the value given (0 or 1)
        - mount_frequency, set how often insert DII/DSI/SGW to speed up carousel mount, default is twice per carousel period

Example: oc-update.sh ocdir1 0xB 5 2003 7 2 0 0 4066 0 2         carousel_directory: ocdir1
        association_tag: 0xB (11)
        modules_version: 0x5 (5)
        pid: 2001
        carousel_id: 7
        smart compress the carousel
        don't pad
        delete temp files
        use 4066 bytes for DDB size (usual and maximum size)
        sets update flag to 0 in DSI/DII
        insert DSI/DII/SGW twice per carousel length