ocaml-md5sum(1) Use and maintain ocaml md5sums registry files


ocaml-md5sum (compute|dep) [option ...] file ... ocaml-md5sum update [option ...]

compute dump the content of the the md5sums files to output. dep compute dependencies of the package, using md5sums files that can be found.


--package pkg
Set package name for development dependency.
--runtime pkg
Set package name for runtime dependency.
--version ver
Set package version for dependencies.
--dump-info fn
Dump ocamlobjinfo to file.
--load-info fn
Restore ocamlobjinfo from file.
Increase verbosity.
Print ocaml-md5sum version and exit.
--nodefined unit
Avoid export of OCaml unit into md5sums file.
--dump-provides fn
Write provides for the package into given file.
--md5sums-dir dir
Add directory to the list of directory looked for md5sums files.
--checksum str
Checksum to use.
Print a brief help message and exits.
Prints the manual page and exits.