ocamldot(1) generate dependency graphs of ocaml programs


ocamldot [options] <dependency-file>


This manual page documents briefly the ocamldot command.

ocamldot generates program dependency graphs for ocaml programs. The dependency graph output by ocamldot can be rendered by a separate program, dot. Ocamldot is designed to process the output of ocamldep. A typical use would be        ocamldep *.ml | ocamldot > dep.dot
or        ocamldep *.ml > .depend

       ocamldot .depend > dep.dot


Draw the full graph (default is to draw only the kernel)
Output in landscape format (default is portrait)
Draw graph from left to right (default is top to bottom)
-r <r>
Use <r> as a root in the graph; nodes reachable from <r> will be shown. The transitive kernel of a dag is the smallest subset of the dag whose transitive closure is the same as the transitive closure of the dag. For example, the kernel of A->B, A->C, B->C is just the two edges A->B, B->C.


Trevor Jim <[email protected]>