ocamlify(1) create an OCaml file including other files.


ocamlify [options] option-file


This program allows to copy files inside OCaml code. It uses a first file that describes the other files that must be included and the type of OCaml variable it should create. It can also describe dependencies to other files, in order to generate .depends files for make.

For example, we can create a file test.mlify with this content:

      VarString oasissys_ml "OASISSys.ml"
      VarStringList readme_template_mkd "MANUAL-template.mkd"

We then translate it using the program:

      $> ocamlify --output test.ml test.mlify

And we get a file test.ml containing two OCaml variables: oasissys_ml, which is a string, and readme_template_mkd which is a string list (one string per line).


--var-string-list varname file
Include file as a list of string, each string representing a line (without trailing EOL character)
--var-string varname file
Include file as a string.
--output file
Output file, default to standard output
Output file dependencies
--target file
Define target of dependencies
Display list of options


Sylvain Le Gall.