octave-depends(1) calculates Octave dependencies


octave-depends [debhelperĀ options]


octave-depends is a debhelper-like program that is responsible for generating the ${octave:Depends} substitutions and adding them to substvars files. Variables ${octave<major>:Depends} are also available, where <major> is currently either ``-2-1'' or ``-2-9'' (N.B.: periods are not allowed in substvar names).

If you use this program, your package must build-depend on octave2.1-headers (>= 2.1.73-10) or octave2.9-headers (>= 2.9.7-2).


Rafael Laboissiere <[email protected]>

Most ideas borrowed from dh_python by Josselin Mouette <[email protected]>, who apparently took ideas from Brendan O'Dea <[email protected]>.