oddjob_request(1) send requests to oddjobd from the command line


oddjob_request [-t timeout] [-s service] [-o object] [-i interface] [-S] [ [request [arg1 ...]] | -I ]


The oddjob_request application is a simple oddjob client application which can be used to invoke a particular method provided by the oddjobd server.

If no request is given as a command-line argument, oddjob_request will attempt to invoke the list method, which should list all methods for which the invoking user is authorized.


Connect to the session bus instead of the system bus. This option is primarily intended for use in testing. com.redhat.oddjob.
-s service
The object is provided by the named service instead of com.redhat.oddjob.
-o object
Invoke a method on the named object instead of /com/redhat/oddjob.
-i interface
The method is part of the named interface instead of com.redhat.oddjob.
Default to the method and interface names used for D-Bus introspection (Introspect and org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable,
-t timeout
Wait at most timeout seconds for a response. The default is set by the D-Bus implementation, but is typically 25 seconds.