oggz-comment(1) List or edit comments in an Ogg file.


oggz-comment [-l | --list ]

oggz-comment [-o filename | --output filename ] [-d | --delete ] [-a | --all ] [-s serialno | --serialno serialno ] [-c content-type | --content-type content-type ] filename

oggz-comment [-h | --help ] [-v | --version ]


oggz-comment lists or edits the comments of an Ogg file.


oggz-comment accepts the following options:

Listing options

-l, --list
List the comments in the given file.

Editing options

-o filename, --output filename
Write output to the specified filename.
-d, --delete
Delete comments before editing.
-a, --all
Edit comments for all logical bitstreams.
-c content-type, --content-type content-type
Edit comments of the logical bitstreams with specified content-type. Run oggz-known-codecs(1) for a full list of codecs known by the installed version of oggz.
-s serialno, --serialno serialno
Edit comments of the logical bitstream with specified serialno.

Miscellaneous options

-h, --help
Display usage information and exit.
-v, --version
Output version information and exit.


List all comments in file.ogg:

oggz comment -l file.ogg

List only the comments in the Theora bitstream in file.ogv:

oggz comment -l -c theora file.ogv

Add the comment "GENRE=Rock" to the Vorbis bitstream of file.ogv, writing output to output.ogv:

oggz comment -c vorbis -o output.ogv file.ogg GENRE=Rock


Kangyuan Niu August 5, 2007;


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