ola_recorder(1) Record to, or playback from, a file a number of universes for a


ola_recorder [--record <file> --universes <universe_list>] [--playback <file>] [--verify <file>]


ola_recorder Record a series of universes, or playback a previously recorded show.


-d, --delay <uint32_t>
The delay in ms between successive iterations.
-h, --help
Display the help message
-i, --iterations <uint32_t>
The number of times to repeat the show, 0 means unlimited.
-l, --log-level <int8_t>
Set the logging level 0 .. 4.
-p, --playback <string>
The show file to playback.
-r, --record <string>
The show file to record data to.
-u, --universes <string>
A comma separated list of universes to record
--verify <string>
The show file to verify.
-v, --version
Print ola_recorder version information
--duration <uint32_t>
The length of time (seconds) to run for.
Send to syslog rather than stderr.
Disable the use of epoll(), revert to select()
Disable the use of kqueue(), revert to select()
--scheduler-policy <policy>
The thread scheduling policy, one of {fifo, rr}.
--scheduler-priority <priority>
The thread priority, only used if --scheduler-policy is set.


Record universes 1 and 2 to the file foo:

ola_recorder --universes 1,2 --record foo

Verify the previously recorded file bar:

ola_recorder --verify bar

Playback the previously recorded file baz for 30 seconds:

ola_recorder --playback baz --duration 30

Playback the previously recorded file baz for 3 iterations:

ola_recorder --playback baz --iterations 3

Playback the previously recorded file baz, repeating forever:

ola_recorder --playback baz --iterations 0