opal_wrapper(1) Back-end Open MPI wrapper command


opal_wrapper [options]


opal_wrapper is not meant to be called directly by end users. It is automatically invoked as the back-end by the Open MPI wrapper commands such as: mpicc, mpiCC, mpic++, and mpifort (and its legacy/deprecated names mpif77 and mpif90).

Some Open MPI installations may have additional wrapper commands, and/or have renamed the wrapper compilers listed above to avoid executable name conflicts with other MPI implementations. Hence, you may also have wrapper compilers installed including the following names: mpifort.openmpi (and the legacy/deprecated names mpif90.openmpi and mpif77.openmpi), mpicxx.openmpi, mpiCC.openmpi, mpicc.openmpi, mpic++.openmpi, opalcc, opalc++, ortecc, and ortec++,


The Open MPI maintainers -- see http://www.openmpi.org/ or the file AUTHORS.

This manual page was originally contributed by Dirk Eddelbuettel <[email protected]>, one of the Debian GNU/Linux maintainers for Open MPI, and may be used by others.