openmcu(1) simple Multi Conference Unit using H.323


openmcu [options]...


openmcu is a simple Mutli Conference Unit using the H.323 protocol. It sets up a H.323 listener process, and then waits for incoming connections. Whenever an incoming connection is established, it adds that call to the specified conference or to the default one if none is specified. You specify one on your H.323 client when you call the OpenMCU server with address "room_name@server_name", where room_name is the conference you want to join.

openmcu runs as a daemon process and is controlled via a web interface. This is accessed by pointing a web browser at port 1420 on the host machine, i.e. http://host:1420


openmcu accepts only a few command line options that determine how the program is run. These options differ between the Unix and Windows versions of the software. A list of all available options (regardless of the platform) can be obtained by running the executable with no options.

Most options are available in both long and short versions. The options available on the Unix version of the program are:

-v, --version
Display the version information

Run as a foreground process rather than a daemon. In this mode, no pid file is created.

-d, --daemon
Run as a daemon, i.e. background process. In this mode, a text file will be created containing the process ID in the directory specified by the -p option, or if that is not specified, in the directory defined by _PATH_VARRUN (usually /var/run), or if that symbol is not defined, in the directory containing the the executable. The log output will also be written to the system log.

-c, --console
Send output to the console rather than the system log

-i, --ini-file n
Specify the name of the file that stores the program options. By default this is ~/.pwlib_config/openmcu.ini

-p, --pid-file n
Specify the name of the file that contains the PID when -d specified. By default, openmcu automatically listens for incoming calls on all TCP/IP network interfaces available on the host machine. This option is useful for running multiple copies of openmcu on the same multi-homed machine, or for ensuring that only calls from the external, or internal, network will be received on a particular handset.

Kill a running instance of the program, using the PID in a previously created pid file


openmcu options are stored in the configuration file, which is ~/.pwlib_config/openmcu.ini by default, or can be set using the -i option. This file can be edited directly, but the preferred method of configuration is via the web interface. If the file is edited, the program must be stopped before editing, and restarted after editing.


openmcu -xc
Start the program and run as a foreground process

openmcu -d
Start the program and run as a background daemon




None known