opieinfo(1) Extract sequence number and seed for future OPIE challenges.


opieinfo [-v] [-h] [ user_name ]


opieinfo takes an optional user name and writes the current sequence number and seed found in the OPIE key database for either the current user or the user specified. opiekey is compatible with the keyinfo(1) program from Bellcore's S/Key Version 1 except that specification of a remote system name is not permitted.

opieinfo can be used to generate a listing of your future OPIE responses if you are going to be without an OPIE calculator and still need to log into the system. To do so, you would run something like:


Display the version number and compile-time options, then exit.
Display a brief help message and exit.
The name of a user whose key information you wish to display. The default is the user running opieinfo.


wintermute$ opieinfo

495 wi01309



/etc/opiekeys -- database of key information for the OPIE system.


Bellcore's S/Key was written by Phil Karn, Neil M. Haller, and John S. Walden of Bellcore. OPIE was created at NRL by Randall Atkinson, Dan McDonald, and Craig Metz.

S/Key is a trademark of Bell Communications Research (Bellcore).


OPIE is discussed on the Bellcore "S/Key Users" mailing list. To join, send an email request to:

[email protected]