osdctl(1) Controls osdsh via the command line


osdctl <command>


osdctl is the command line tool to control a running osdsh(1)


Display help
-s string
displays a string
-b name,val
displays a bar up to val, named "name"
-l name,val
displays a slider at val, named "name"
-t int
display the clock for int seconds
-c <0|1>
(de)activate the osd clock
-m <0|1>
(de)activate the mixer display
-p <0|1>
(de)activate the ppp watch feature
-a <0|1|2>
(de)activate the apm watch feature
1 for not to show percent bar, 2 to show it
-d interface
set the ppp interface (Default: ppp0)
-A int
show battery status for int seconds
-e comm args
tell osdsh to do "comm" with "args"
-S scriptfile
execute commands form scriptfile
tell osdsh to quit


This manual page was written by Joachim Breitner <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).