osgearth_package(1) create a redistributable TMS based package


osgearth_package [--tms | --out path | --bounds xmin ymin xmax ymax | --max-level level | --out-earth earthfile | --ext extension | --overwrite | --keep-empties | --continue-single-color | --db-options options] earthfile.earth


osgearth_package creates a redistributable TMS <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tile_Map_Service> based package from an earth file.


make a TMS repo
--out path
root output folder of the TMS repo (required)
--bounds xmin ymin xmax ymax
bounds to package (in map coordinates; default=entire map) You can provide multiple bounds
--max-level level
max LOD level for tiles (all layers; default=inf)
--out-earth earthfile
export an earth file referencing the new repo
--ext extension
overrides the image file extension (e.g. jpg)
overwrite existing tiles
writes out fully transparent image tiles (normally discarded)
continues to subdivide single color tiles, subdivision typically stops on single color images
--db-options options
db options string to pass to the image writer in quotes (e.g., "JPEG_QUALITY 60")
Path to the earth file