osmpbf-outline(1) outline the content of an .osm.pbf or .osh.pbf file


osmpbf-outline [ --color ] filename


osmpbf-outline generates an colored outline an .osm.pbf or .osh.pbf file, revealing its inner structure. It does not decode all information nor does it check for of possible mistakes, but it will warn on some bad mistakes one can make when generating .osm.pbf files.

This tool can be used by authors of .osm.pbf readers and writers and is useful to understand the inner blob/block structure of .osm.pbf files.

Its source code is heavily documented and can be used as a good start on how to read- and write .osm.pbf files with C++.


-c --color usually colorization is disabled when writing to a file descriptor that is no tty (eg. when the output is piped to a file or to a pager like to more or less). Some pagers can handle ANSI color code ( more can, less can when invoked as less -R ). To enforce colorization when working with such pagers, specify the --color flag.


osmpbf-outline germany.osm.pbf


 Peter Koerner <[email protected]>
 Jochen Topf <[email protected]>